• 15Jan

    It’s your record: A guide to accessing your health records online

    London Connect have published a guide for the public on accessing your health records online. NHS records will soon be available for patients to look at and use online. Some Londoners are already using them, and some are even able to create their own personal health records to sit alongside their medical records. And some social care records are also being shared with service users.

    Some of the things patients will be able to do include ordering repeat prescriptions online, checking  test results and looking at their medical records to check things.It won’t change the need to see doctors, nurses and social workers face-to-face, but it could kickstart a change in how patients relate to doctors and other health and social care professionals. It’s about handing more control over to the patient. The booklet includes case studies and examples of different services in London that are already providing online access to improve the experience for their patients.

    Download a copy of the booklet, ‘It’s your record: A guide to accessing your health records online’.

    London Connect is an information transparency project of the London Health Improvement Board (LHIB), a partnership set up by the Mayor of London, NHS London and London Councils and their stakeholders to improve the health of the capital’s population. The London Connect project is delivered by Improvement Science London on behalf of the London Academic Health Science Centres (AHSCs).