• 6Oct

    Involving patients in their own safety

    The Health Foundation are hosting a webinar on involving patients in their own safety, based on new research they have published.

    The research found that overall found there was a recognisable theme that patients and carers are willing and able to be involved in ensuring their own safety; but that this needs to be enabled by systems, processes and culture across a range of settings.

    The IMPRESS research (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) found that inpatients were often left out of conversations about their medication and were not routinely shown their medication method.

    They also uncovered that patient and health care professionals’ beliefs concerning patient involvement, the way in which health care professionals operate as a team, and the underlying culture, affect patient involvement with their medication.

    The PRoSOCT team based at the University of Newcastle found that patients are able to report their safety following discharge from hospital, by completing a survey. Questions including aspects about what made them feel safe or unsafe.

    The reseachers propose that safety needs to be redefined to encompass safety as an experience, rather than the common perception that safety is the presence or absence of harm.

    The webinar takes place on 1 December, 16.00 – 17.00. It will cover:

    • the rationale for involving patients in their own safety
    • how patients and clinicians conceptualise safety
    • facilitators and barriers to patient involvement in safety

    To learn more about approaches to increase patient involvement in safety and have the opportunity to pose questions, you can register for the webinar on the Health Foundation website.