• 14Aug

    International database seeks to collect global health information expertise

    HIFA Voices is a new database that aims to bring together the knowledge of more than 2,500 health information professionals in 170 countries, ranging from senior executives at the World Health Organization in Geneva to community health workers in rural Gambia.

    HIFA Voices will collect the practical expertise of providers and users of healthcare information, together with relevant health information sciences literature. It aims to ensure that patients, public and healthcare workers can access the healthcare information they need.

     Dr. Simon Lewin, WHO Guideline Group, Optimizing for Maternal and Newborn Health says of the initiative:

    “As the HIFA Knowledge Base evolves over the coming years, it has the potential to become a leading source of practical and experiential data to help inform future international guidelines by WHO and other organisations, on a range of issues relating to health systems, human resources for health, and availability and use of health information.”

    HIFA Voices is a project from the Health Information for All campaign.