• 6Jun

    Interactive map launched showing priority illness and condition areas for Health & Wellbeing Boards across England

    The Local Government Association has launched a practical tool to show priority illness and condition areas for each Health and Wellbeing Board in England.

    By selecting a single area on the map you can view a summary of the local priorities, and access links to the health and wellbeing strategy and reports highlighting measures of health and wellbeing for that area. You can also search by condition or illness area.

    Themes and summaries have been developed drawing on the headline priorities identified in the Public Health England Health Profile 2013 summary for each area. The classification by priority themes is subjective and is designed to highlight where there are similarities – it is not a definitive list of all local activity. Local Health and Wellbeing Strategies will provide more detail on local action.

    If you would like to update the priorities for your area, or if you want to see additional or alternative themes included within the map, please contact Philippa.lynch@local.gov.uk .