• 13Jan

    Informed consent and information provision

    The MDU Journal has published a blog on informed consent and how the Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board ruling has impacted practice.

    The blog provides a useful summary of the key aspects of the ruling and the practical impacts, including the following tips related to the provision of information as part of informed consent:

    • Focus on the individual patient. Is it clear that you understand the concerns and wider circumstances of the individual patient before imparting advice?
    • Engage in a genuine, two-way dialogue, recording both sides of the conversation.
    • Do not simply focus on percentages. Post-Montgomery, the scientific magnitude of risk is only a factor and should not determine what risks are discussed.
    • Patient understanding. Is it clear that the patient fully understood the advice given? Has it been delivered in a comprehensible way?
    • Leafleting is not enough. Bombarding a patient with information does not discharge the duty, and the simple issuing of leaflets or factsheets does not constitute the required dialogue.

    The full blog can be read on the MDU Journal website.

    PIF’s best practice contains key steps and useful resources for clearly communicating risk.