• 4Nov

    Information for people on their visiting rights in care homes

    CQC (the Care Quality Commission) has published information for people living in care homes, their family and friends, clarifying their visiting rights, and expectations of providers who are responsible for ensuring people are supported to maintain relationships that are important to them.

    This follows reports that there are cases where relatives have experienced visiting restrictions, or their loved ones being forced to leave against their wishes, after raising concerns with those in charge of running care homes.

    In response to these concerns, and working with partners, CQC have developed this focused information to help people feel better informed and make sure providers are very clear about their obligations.

    Their information highlights:

    • Care homes should support visits
    • Visiting someone can help improve their care
    • Staff should seek your views and the views of your loved one
    • Making a complaint should not cause problems

    You can find more details on the CQC website.