• 30Jan

    Improving young people’s health – new framework published

    Public Health England has developed a new Framework to support local areas in the delivery of their public health role for young people.

    It poses questions for councillors, health and wellbeing boards, commissioners, providers and education and learning settings to help them support young people to be healthy and to improve outcomes for young people.

    Alongside the framework, PHE has set up a free dedicated section on its National Child and Maternal (ChiMat) Health Intelligence Network website for local areas to find out the state of young people’s health in their localities.

    This new framework has been developed with support from Association of Young People’s Health and with input from those across health, education, youth services and local and national government. It is informed by a number of key concerns:

    • Mortality and morbidity for this age group remain largely preventable and rates vary widely across the country.
    • This is a life stage of significant neural, emotional and physical development and when change is possible.
    • England’s 9.9 million young people  have poorer health outcomes than those in many other developed nations.
    • Inequality has a significant negative effect on health in adolescence.
    • Keeping young people safe from harm is an important priority.
    • The consequences of poor health in this age period last a lifetime.

    It sets out at a way of thinking about young people’s health, taking an asset-based approach, and focusing on wellbeing and resilience. It describes six core principles to  promote a more effective, integrated response to needs.

    • Putting relationships at the centre
    • Focusing on what helps young people feel well and able to cope
    • Reducing health inequalities
    • Championing integrated services
    • Understanding changing health needs as young people develop
    • Delivering accessible, youth friendly services

    You can read the framework here.