• 2Jan

    Improved communication needed to increase patient engagement in clinical trials

    A paper commissioned by One Research asks how standards of patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials can be improved.

    It highlights the need to empower patients and support them to self-refer for participation in trials, and finds that eligible and willing patients are simply not being reached with the message that clinical research opportunities are available to them. The paper argues that the industry needs to improve its communication to patients, not only to raise awareness of the available opportunities to get involved in clinical research, but to reassure them of the vital importance of their role.

    It identifies that a significant part of the problem is centred on the ‘one size fits all’ approach to recruitment and retention messaging, which risks leaving some patients to feel unappreciated or alienated. And that this issue is further compounded by inconsistent contact with patients following their initial engagement.

    The paper can be read here.