• 15Apr

    Implementing Shared Decision Making Report

    The Health Foundation has published a new learning report, Implementing Shared Decision Making to help practitioners who want to get shared decision making into their practice and the practice of their teams.

    The learning report presents the experiences of seven teams participating in the Health Foundation’s MAGIC (making good decisions in collaboration) improvement programme.

    Each story explains what the teams did, the improvements they saw as a result, the challenges they encountered and how they dealt with them. Each ends with a short section on what the team learned, which we hope will provide useful tips for other clinical teams implementing SDM, whatever their starting point.

    The MAGIC programme was developed to support clinical teams in primary and secondary care to embed shared decision making with patients in every day practice. The programme is developing and testing practical solutions that support patients to make informed and considered decisions about their own care and treatment.

    The stories are based on in-depth interviews as part of an 18-month evaluation of the programme. The evaluation aimed to assess the extent to which the programme has been successful in embedding shared decision making within clinical settings, and how it has done so.

    More information about shared decision making, including tools and resources to help put it into practice, can be found at the Health Foundation’s shared decision making resource centre.