• 11May

    Identifying and understanding the health information experiences and preferences of caregivers: a qualitative investigation

    An investigation published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research explores the challenges of caring for an injured person, and the necessity for caregivers to have access to health information. However, caregivers often feel that they lack adequate information.

    Previous studies of caregivers have primarily focused on either their time and emotional burdens or their health outcomes, but the information needs of caregivers have not been thoroughly investigated.

    The purpose of this investigation was to identify the preferred sources of health information for caregivers supporting individuals with injuries and to explore how access to this information could be improved.

    The caregivers endorsed similar behaviors and preferences when seeking and accessing health information. Medical professionals were the preferred source of information, while ease of access made the Internet the most common avenue to obtain information.

    The challenges faced by participants were frequently a result of limited support.  According to the participants, an ideal health information system would include a comprehensive care website that offered supportive network resources, instructive services about the injury and caregiving, and materials specific to the type of patient injury.


    Nathan T Coffey, James Cassese, Xinsheng Cai, Steven Garfinkel, Drasti Patel, Rebecca Jones, Dahlia Shaewitz, Ali A Weinstein
    Identifying and Understanding the Health Information Experiences and Preferences of Caregivers of Individuals With Either Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, or Burn Injury: A Qualitative Investigation
    J Med Internet Res 2017 (May 10); 19(5):e159