• 6Sep

    Highlights from the NHS Expo 2018

    Getting patients involved in developing patient information, self-management tools and the transformation of care were common themes at this year’s NHS Expo in Manchester, where PIF exhibited with the support of our partners TextHelp.

    A showcase for innovation, Expo’s gaze was on digital change and the use of patient data, but the focus was also on two major health challenges we can expect to see highlighted in the hotly anticipated NHS Plan, mental health and diabetes/obesity.

    There is an appetite for people with diabetes to learn on-line. Although the new learning zone is still in its testing phase more than 9000 people have registered and their feedback and experience will help shape the zone’s ongoing development. The zone is not designed to replace DAFNE and DESMOND, it encourages people to sign up to the programmes, but it is designed to improve access to self-management and to build people’s confidence for self-care.

    Diabetes information prescriptions were also showcased at NHS Expo. The prescriptions offer guidance to people with diabetes to understand and better manage aspects of their condition. People with diabetes are only likely to see healthcare professionals a couple of times a year and the two-page prescriptions mean they are not alone with their condition and can be directed to information and support.

    The prescriptions are part of an e-information prescribing pilot in Nottinghamshire. This allows healthcare professionals to send information electronically to patients via the RECAP Health system. PIF is a partner in the pilot and has co-ordinated content added by Diabetes UK, Asthma UK, Parkinson’s UK, Crohn’s and Colitis and Arthritis Research UK. The first set of data from the programme is expected soon, including feedback from patients on the information provided.

    It is important to remember that co-production it is not a one-off, patient involvement needs to continue throughout the development and use cycle.

    You can read the full blog here: https://www.pifonline.org.uk/blog/highlights-nhs-expo-2018/