• 18Sep

    Help shape how the NHS makes digital services

    NHS Digital is appealing for interaction designers, content designers and user researchers to get involved in its digital service manual.

    The manual offers people building digital services in the NHS a range of styles, principles and guidance to help with design, development, writing content and accessibility.

    In a recent blog, Ben Cullimore, a senior interaction designer at NHS.UK, says it makes sense that anybody who follows the design principles and guidance can propose new features, comment and get involved in moving the manual forward.

    He says the manual is being developed in the open so that:

    • People understand how NHS Digital makes decisions about what to include in the service manual and why
    • They can find out what it is working on or planning soon by looking at ‘backlogs’ of future work
    • Teams across NHS Digital and the wider health and social care sector can join conversations and share their user research insights

    The service manual website is managed on GitHub – a free tool traditionally used in software development.

    While the coding and design community is already very active, NHS Digital has gone one step further and started to use GitHub to manage changes to guidance on writing content for digital services.

    The content style backlog allows everyone to see words or phrases people using the service manual content style guide have been proposing.

    For example: Do users understand and look for information about “PMS” or is “premenstrual syndrome” clearer?

    NHS Digital is asking anyone working in user-centred design in health, testing regularly with users, to get involved, ask questions and share knowledge.

    It is particularly interested in user insight, user research or analytics, and in filling gaps in the service manual.

    To get involved get to know the service manual, talk to NHS Digital through the service manual backlog on GitHub, email the team, join the Slack conversation.