• 8Mar

    Health Apps Library: Your feedback needed

    The new development version of the NHS Health Apps Library – a component of the NHS Integrated Customer Services Platform programme – is now available.

    The NHS Commissioning Board would be grateful for any Feedback on the Apps and the Library, You can submitted your comments via the Feedback Form on each page of the application. They would also be grateful for any ratings or reviews that people are able to submit for the apps in line for the launch.

    The Health Apps Library will be launched at the NHS Healthcare Innovation Expo – being held on the 13 – 14 March at the ExCel Centre in London.

    Thank you for your help in the development of the Apps Library to date – it is much appreciated and a good example of how co-production and iteration can produce a better product. For any further enquiries on the Health Apps Library or the NHS Integrated Customer Services Platform programme, please email engagement@nhs.net