• 1Jul

    GSK Impact Awards 2017 open for applications!

    The GSK IMPACT Awards recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people’s health. They are funded by GlaxoSmithKline and managed in partnership with The King’s Fund.

    The awards are open to registered charities that are at least three years old, working in a health-related field in the UK, with a total annual income of between £25,000 and £2 million.

    A unique feature of the GSK IMPACT Awards is that they recognise excellence in existing work. They do not seek to fund new projects and will not shortlist an application which only focuses on a particular project. The assessment is based on the work of the whole organisation and the assessment will focus on excellence in the six areas of IMPACT.

    The judges will be looking for evidence of:

    Innovation – Leadership, creativity and initiative in addressing current challenges in health care access and delivery.

    Management – Efficient use of resources; quality of management processes; equality of opportunity; clear objectives and plans; strength and financial effectiveness of the organisation.

    Partnership – Working effectively with others (members, users, voluntary, private and public sector partners etc); willingness to share ‘best practice’ and to learn from others.

    Achievement – Measurable results achieved; numbers of people benefiting; impact on access to healthcare; a reflective approach to evaluation of the work; measurement and monitoring of performance, being able to report on outcomes and impact.

    Community – Focus Involving and responding to users and the community; openness and provision of information; adaptability to changing circumstances and needs.

    Targeting – Need Awareness of community issues and priorities; having a detailed understanding of the target community; ensuring services are accessible to and focus on people in need.

    The deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 21 September 2016. You can find full details on the King’s Fund website.