• 11Jan

    Get involved in developing ‘Testing Treatments’

    Minervation are looking for people to help with some work to evaluate and develop the book Testing Treatments and the accompanying website Testing Treatments interactive.

    The broad aim of the book and website is to increase understanding of fair tests of treatments. However, there are many challenges with this undertaking. To start with, we need to understand more about the contexts in which our information could be used, and how we can make it more useful to our readers.

    For now, our focus is on people who are “intermediaries”, i.e. people who communicate information about health research to patients or the public, whether through websites, patient information leaflets, blogs, broadcast media, education, training or other means.

    Therefore, we would like to hear from PiF members who would be willing to attend a 2-hour workshop in Oxford in February to discuss their information needs around fair tests of treatments. We will pay a £50 fee for attending and reasonable travel costs.

    If you would be willing to help us in this endeavour, please contact Douglas Badenoch at douglas.badenoch@minervation.com