• 22Apr

    ‘Forward View’ for GPs prioritises increased support for self-care

    NHS England have published a ‘Forward View’ for general practice, containing details of increased funding and outlining steps to grow and develop workforce, drive efficiencies in workload and relieve demand, modernise infrastructure and technology, and support local practices to redesign the way modern primary care is offered to patients.

    A key element of managing demand, identified in the paper, is assisting patients in managing a greater proportion of their minor illnesses for themselves. The ‘Forward View’ commits to use some of the funding for workforce and technology to support practices in doing so.

    It also commits to, by September 2016, launching a national programme to help practices support people living with long term conditions to self-care.

    The aim is for practices to be offered tailored support to offer high quality care planning to patients who have low levels of knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health and wellbeing. The aim is to equip the workforce with the tools and skills to do this.

    The ‘Forward View’ envisages general practice in 2020 as looking different to services provided today in the following ways:

    • It will be able to work at scale making best use of new technologies.
    • There will be development and expansion of the workforce and better premises.
    • There will be improved signposting of patients to the most appropriate service for them or where appropriate supporting them to self-care.
    • GPs working as part of a more joined up primary care workforce will be able devote the greatest amount of time to quality and health improvement for patients and local communities.

    You read the document on the NHS England website here.