• 19Dec

    Expert Patients Community Launches

    On the 15th of November, Expert Patients Programme (EPP CIC) held an event to mark the 10 Year anniversary of the Programme in the UK, presentations and video clips from the day are now available on their website.

    Timed to take place in Self Care Week, the celebration featured contributions from across the self-management community by policy makers, patients, commissioners and voluntary sector organisations. Ten years on from its introduction into the NHS, self-management remains a core element of the Department of Health policy framework, with EPP CIC being the leading provider of self-management programmes. As well as having exceeded its original objective of supporting the delivery over 100,000 EPP course places by 2012, EPP CIC has played a key role in raising the profile of self-management as a recognised public health measure.

    EPP CIC also launched a new online Expert Patients Community. The community pages provide ongoing support for course participants and the opportunity for people to share their stories and experiences of self-management. In addition, regular bloggers share their day-to-day challenges and triumphs to give a valuable insight into the reality of living with a long-term condition.