• 3Jun

    Evaluation of the AQuA workstream within the National Shared Decision Making Programme

    This report shares the insight and experience gained through the work of the AQuA Shared Decision Making Workstream.

    The biggest challenge to embedding Shared Decision Making in routine NHS care is to create a shift where patients expect to be routinely involved in decisions about their care. This required a change so that health professionals encourage and respond to the greater involvement of patients, and patients want to be more involved. AQuA (Advancing Quality Alliance) delivered a shared-decision making workstream which had three sub-workstreams:

    • Training Health Professionals
    • Engaging Patients
    • Promoting the inclusion of Shared Decision Making in to education

    The AQuA workstream for the National Shared Decision Making programme 2011/12 achieved a number of outcomes including:

    • 699 health professionals were trained in Shared Decision Making through 60 training sessions
    • 33 clinical teams in England participated in training
    • 80% of patients across the identified clinical pathways will have been fully involved in their care through either the use of Patient Decision Aids, Shared Decision Making or Ask 3 Questions
    • Over 480,000 Ask 3 Questions leaflets have so far been distributed to patients and carers

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