• 10Jul

    Study: Co-production to enhance mental health medication adherence in BAME users

    A new study examines the main barriers to medication adherence in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups and how mental health professionals can be educated to improve it.

    Working alongside carers and service users, the authors aimed to identify perceptions of factors affecting adherence and achieve a consensus on the content and delivery of education to mental health professionals.

    However, service user and carer perspectives ‘substantially altered’ the original research design. The need to educate students rather than professionals was emphasised and users felt this content should be packaged in a contemporary way, for example, virtual reality.

    Communication was identified as a major issue but the most powerful category was found to be a poor understanding of BAME culture. There was a perception that medical professionals had a limited appreciation of the impact of culture on taking prescribed anti-psychotic medication and the BAME experience of care.


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