• 14Mar

    ecancerpatient web site relaunches

    ecancerpatient.org provides information for patients to use while discussing treatment options with their doctor. The site provides videos of cancer specialists talking about the most recent advances in care and research studies, are designed to empower patients to become more involved in vital treatment decisions. All of their videos are checked by cancer experts from the European Institute of Oncology to ensure they are accurate and reliable.

    To ensure the information is as reliable and up to date as possible, the site authors attend cancer conferences across the world and speak directly to leading specialists. This information is made available in an accessible format developed in partnership with patient support groups.

    There are 25 videos on the web site covering topics such as

    • depression and cancer
    • patient involvement in clinical trials
    • the advantages of donating tissue and taking part in trials
    • young people with bowel cancer
    • should people get screened for prostate cancer
    • factors in deciding to have a mastectomy or not in breast cancer surgery