• 12Dec

    Do you want to be part of user testing PiF’s new guidance ‘toolkit’?

    Over the last 9 months PiF has been working with our members and the wider consumer health information sector to develop some best practice and guidance that will support the creation of health information that works.

    In January and February we will building a web resource to share this best practice and guidance, and we are looking for people who would be interested in joining a user testing group to help us ensure we develop a resource that useful and usable, and to help us measure its impact.

    We are looking for people who would like to comment on and help us to user test the ‘toolkit’ as it is developed. We are looking for people who work in the field of health information, or who have an interest in this area.

    We will ask members of the group to spend up to three hours in January on the project, to attend a focus group or take part in a phone interview, and another couple of hours in February to help us carry out some usability testing. We will also ask participants to feedback to us in May on their experiences having used the ‘toolkit’. We are able to reimburse expenses.

    We are keen to hear from a wide range of people who are interested in the project and have the time to spare!

    If you’ve contributed to the development process to date, and would not like to be part of turning the consultation into ‘action’ then we’d love to hear from you.

    Equally, if you’ve not been involved with the project so far, but are interested in being part of an exciting initiative that is seeking to provide practical support to anyone involved in creating health information, the please do get in touch.

    To find out more or join the user testing group please email: claire.murray@pifonline.org.uk