• 9Nov

    Digital standard to improve child health information

    An innovative way to share important information about a child’s health has been launched by the Professional Record Standard Body, aiming to support the prevention of childhood illness, improve health and wellbeing and involve parents more closely in their children’s care and development.

    The new PRSB information standard spells out what information on screening tests, immunisations and developmental milestones should be accessible to ensure that children receive appropriate care.

    It also means that everyone involved in a child’s care, including parents, will have access in the future to a standardised set of paperless, digital child health records.

    The standards have been developed in consultation with parents and health and care professionals, and support the Healthy Child Programme.

    You can find out more information in the PRSB website: https://theprsb.org/publications/healthy-child-record-standard