• 1Mar

    Digital Literacy Project

    Health Education England’s Digital Literacy Project is about improving the digital capabilities of everyone working in health and social care. The best care of all individuals is only possible if these capabilities are fully developed and exploited.

    Excellent digital capabilities include a positive attitude towards technology and innovation and its potential to improve care and outcomes. With improved overall digital literacy capabilities, we can all maximise that potential.

    They define digital literacies as those capabilities that fit someone for living, learning, working, participating and thriving in a digital society.

    This film from Health Education England explores why digital literacy is important to the health and social care workforce. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFS8D2YKQK8

    TEL person centered digital literacy

    Find out more about their work: https://www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/digital-literacy