• 28Jul

    Your data: better security, better choice, better care

    Your Data: Better Security, Better Choice, Better Care is the government’s response to the:

    • National Data Guardian for Health and Care’s Review of Data Security, Consent and Opt-Outs
    • Public consultation on that review
    • Care Quality Commission’s Review ‘Safe Data, Safe Care’

    It sets out that the government accepts the recommendations in both the National Data Guardian review and the Care Quality Commission review.

    ‘Your Data: Better Security, Better Choice, Better Care’ announces that, to strengthen the safeguarding of information, the National Data Guardian’s position will be put on a statutory footing and stronger sanctions will be introduced by May 2018 to protect anonymised data, including severe penalties for negligent or deliberate re-identification of individuals.

    It also announces plans to:

    • Give patients and the public more access to, and control over, their personal data
    • Build confidence in the importance of secure data to provide better individual care and treatment
    • Support research and planning across the health system
    • Strengthen cybersecurity with NHS Digital increasing the level of support provided to local organisations
    • A change in the NHS contract so that organisations are formally required to adopt data security standards.