• 2Jul

    Contribute your views to survey on user friendliness of health systems across Europe

    For the 9th time since 2005, Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) is asking health campaigners across Europe to help it compile the annual EURO HEALTH CONSUMER INDEX.

    The 2015 INDEX will measure the user-friendliness of national healthcare systems across 35 countries in EuropeThe survey aims to compare the extent to which the national healthcare systems of Europe take the patient and the consumer into consideration.

    If you would like to contribute your views on the condition of your country’s healthcare system in 2015, you can take part in this year’s short survey (16 questions). It should take no more than about 10 minutes of your time to complete.


    • The survey is being carried on a specialist survey website, so allowing all responses to be completely ANONYMOUS (unless you wish otherwise).
    • The survey’s closing date is Monday, October 19th 2015 (but HCP would welcome your opinions before then, in order to draw up some initial trends).
    • To thank you for participating, PatientView, the survey manager, will be more than happy to provide your organisation with the link to the INDEX, if you wish to receive it, upon publication (January 20th 2016).

    You can take part in the survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=gCGVQc0PuLi1uXRLd1hYE2DVknfKTr4Th1iG1FvIe5k%3d