• 29Aug

    Contribute to PiF’s response to NHS England’s draft standard on accessible information

    NHS England is developing an Information Standard for accessible information and PiF would like to respond. A consultation on the draft standard runs until 9 November 2014. You can see the draft here: www.england.nhs.uk

    This is obviously an important area for all information producers, and as such PiF would like to contribute a formal response to the draft standard. To do so, we would like to hear what you have to say about it.

    Some of the points we would like to raise focus on quality assurance, implementation of the standard and provision of accessible information, health literacy and the scope of the standard.  We’re sure you will have other issues to raise and things to say. Many information producers will probably be submitting their own organisational response to the draft, but we think a collective approach from PiF would be worthwhile.

    If you would like to make a contribution, send us your thoughts in a few bullet points and we will add them to our response. You can email directly to Claire Murray at Claire.murray@pifonline.org.uk or if you’re a PiF member you post your thoughts in the online discussion area.

    Please get your comments to us by 24 October 2014.