• 14Aug

    Commissioners and health and wellbeing boards should work more closely with voluntary and community sector

    The NHS Confederation has published a briefing on how health and wellbeing boards and commissioners can make better use of evidence from community and voluntary sector to improve health outcomes.

    The briefing highlights that:

    • Using different types of evidence from the voluntary and community sector can support the development of a constructive Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
    • Voluntary and community sector organisations hold unique evidence about local community assets and needs.
    • Voluntary and community sector knowledge can be combined with data collected by statutory bodies to offer a richer, more accurate picture of communities
    • The voluntary sector can provide routes into engaging with marginalised and more disadvantaged groups.

    The briefing recommends that voluntary and community sector organisations should be engaged in decision-making forums such as health and wellbeing boards and clinical commissioning groups. And that commissioners and health and wellbeing boards should work with voluntary and community organisations to co-design solutions to target inequalities.

    The briefing can be read here.