• 4Jan

    Case for Information to be delivered by Grant Riches

    We’re delighted to announce, that after a closely contested tender, Grant Riches has been selected to deliver the work on PiF’s Case for Information.

    The aim of the project is to build a robust case for the benefits of consumer health information by bringing together, documenting and disseminating:

    • The benefits (and any harms) of providing/ not providing high quality CHI for patients, healthcare professionals and the wider healthcare system.
    • The economics of information provision including any cost-benefit analyses.
    • Gaps in evidence and areas where more work is needed.

    The report will be disseminated widely to help the NHS and other providers realise that ‘health information is an essential service in its own right’ and to enable commissioners to commission the local provision of information, and the support to use it, at all stages in our care journeys.

    We’re very keen that the PiF membership – and beyond – help contribute to this seminal piece of work. In the first instance this could be by highlighting both published, and grey, literature that illustrates the benefits of providing patients and the public with quality information and support.  Latterly we will also be looking at some qualitative work and asking you to proof the proposed outputs.

    Carol Grant and Paul Treadgold from Grant Riches will be askinhg for your input soon, so please help where you can.  For any specific queries about the case for Information please contact Mark Duman: chair@pifonline.org.uk