• 28Jan

    Cancer cliches to avoid: I’m not ‘brave’

    This BBC article highlights a survey by Macmillan Cancer Support which found that for some people with cancer words such as ‘Fighter, warrior, hero’ are seen as inappropriate rather than uplifting.

    The UK poll of 2,000 people who have or had cancer found “cancer-stricken” and “victim” were also among the least-liked terms.

    Calling a person’s cancer diagnosis a “war” or a “battle” and saying they had “lost their battle” or “lost their fight” when they died, were other unpopular descriptions, according to the poll carried out by YouGov.

    The survey found a preference for factual words to describe people with cancer, their diagnosis, and when someone with the illness dies.

    Macmillan Cancer Support has launched a campaign to highlight the challenges posed by a cancer diagnosis and the support available.