• 11Sep

    Britons consult ‘Dr Google’ 100m times a year

    Research by Benenden Health using Google search data has revealed some of the UK’s biggest health concerns.

    Last year, Britons consulted ‘Dr Google’ more than 100 million times.

    Benenden Health has used that search data to identify what it believes are the UK’s biggest health concerns.

    Mental health, specifically anxiety, was the top concern, accounting for 10% of all searches.

    Diabetes was second with more than 10 million searches in 12 months and schizophrenia was third, accounting for almost eight per cent of all searches.

    Benenden Health believes the increase in self-diagnosis is fuelled by GP wait times and patients struggling to get appointments.

    However, it has led to doctors reporting huge rises in the ‘worried well’ – healthy patients who, fuelled by Google and Wikipedia searches, are diagnosing themselves with everything from food allergies to brain tumours.