• 10Mar

    Breast Cancer Care video helps users verify quality information

    Breast Cancer Care have produced a patient info video to let people know quickly and easily why they can rely on their patient information.

    The video is available to view on YouTube, and on the Breast Cancer Care website at www.breastcancercare.org.uk/publications.

    They developed the video as a result of the most recent relaunch of the Breast Cancer Care website, in summer 2015.

    At that time the organisation decided that they should take the opportunity to head up their new patient information ordering section with something accessible about their quality standards so that people would be able to verify quickly and easily that they are accessing reliable and trustworthy information.

    Previously they had shared quality standards information direct from their internal Editorial policy, but felt it was not very engaging, and as the page was rarely clicked didn’t feel it was doing a good job of communicating reassurance. (This page is still maintained on the site, as an important reference https://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support/resources/our-standards-producing-patient-information#informationstandard.)

    They plan to share the video via their website’s main publications page and on the Breast Cancer Care YouTube channel. They also plan to post it on their podcasting channel on iTunes.

    It will also be highlighted in appropriate sessions of face-to-face services, via their Helpline and Twitter feed. Additionally they will be sharing it with their Nursing Network for their own information and so that they can signpost patients to it if appropriate.