• 13Sep

    BMA Information Fund

    The BMA Information Fund provides health information and educational materials to health-focused organisations in developing countries. Materials available include books, practical guides and tools, DVDs, and CDs.

    Applications are welcomed from a wide range of not-for-profit organisations. Applicants must show that the requested resources are tailored to their needs, will be used by a significant number of people and will have a meaningful impact. Applications from new initiatives are also welcome, and the BMA Information Fund has provided core texts for a number of new libraries and training programmes.

    The 2018 BMA Information Fund is open for applications. Applications will be accepted until Friday 28 September 2018 or until the cap of 100 applications has been reached.

    The BMA International Department runs the Information Fund in association with the charity Health Books International.

    Since 1965, Health Books International has sourced, produced and distributed practical and accessible health information and educational materials designed for use in low-resource settings such as developing countries.

    These materials are clearly written, illustrated and relevant to the many health workers world-wide who operate with limited access to electricity and reliable internet connections, sophisticated equipment or medicines.

    Details of how to apply etc: https://www.bma.org.uk/collective-voice/influence/international/global-health/information-fund