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    PIF launches a manifesto for better health information!

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    Sue Farrington

    A General Election campaign can be a frenetic time. It becomes difficult to engage with politicians during the campaign period and, with lots of interest groups battling for the attention of parties’ manifesto teams, it can be a challenging environment in which to make your policy case.

    Yet a General Election also offers the opportunity to ask the big and important questions that will determine the future of health and care in the coming decades. How will we manage the growing numbers of people living with long-term conditions? How can we ensure that the NHS continues to be sustainable and supports new models of care? What can we do to enable patients to become more activated, more able to self-manage and self-care, and more able to share decision-making?

    For PIF, one of the answers to these most pressing of questions lies in making high quality healthcare information as accessible as possible.

    We view access to information as one of the key ways of overcoming many of the challenges faced by the health system, and believe that by supporting patients to become better informed and more in control of their health, wellbeing and care, we can truly begin creating a more sustainable and transformative NHS.

    It is because of our belief in the transformative power of information that we are launching PIF’s first ever election manifesto, which outlines the case for information and sets out three simple asks that we believe would support the embedding of information in all patient pathways. These asks are:

    • For a national plan for information to be developed and implemented in each part of the UK.

    • For recognition of information as a key intervention, for example by embedding it in all professional education for healthcare professionals.

    • For designated information champions to be appointed in all key services and bodies, to co-ordinate and oversee the provision of high quality information.

    In setting out these three policy asks, the manifesto acts as a clarion call to parliamentary candidates and parties, as well as to all those involved in commissioning and delivering healthcare in the UK, and asks them to support PIF’s vision of a country where every individual has access to the high-quality information they need to enable them to play an active role in their care.

    For too long, and despite evidence showing the significant impact that it can have, high quality healthcare information has been deemed a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must have’. For too long we have been missing opportunities to equip patients with the information they require to become more activated, more able to self-manage and self-care, and better placed to share decision-making.

    With an ageing population, ever-growing numbers of people living with long term conditions, and with information being the cornerstone of self-management and shared decision-making, the time to make the case for information is now.

    You can read our manifesto here: PIF’s first-ever election manifesto

    As members of PIF we know that you share our vision. If you want to help us transform this vision into a reality then please:

    • Share and pledge your support for our manifesto on Twitter, LinkedIn or email, using the buttons below

    • Add your views and support in the comments below

    • Or get in touch with us at admin@pifonline.org.uk

    Posted on Thursday, 08th June 2017