• 20Sep

    Blog: Getting health information right impacts health outcomes

    Excerpts from a blog for PIF by Amy Corkery, Editor, Patient Information, British Heart Foundation.

    At the BHF, our efforts to respond to patients’ requests for information resulted in us producing over 40 different titles on risk factors and behaviour change. We were mailing out and facilitating the download of over 3 million booklets, leaflets and advice sheets every year.

    As I reviewed these titles it became clear that we could develop a more targeted and streamlined approach that would still answer patient’s questions and provide the support they need.

    We worked in a number of ways to answer the question:

    “What do patients need from the BHF that will encourage them to make better and informed choices regarding their lifestyle behaviours in order to reduce their risk of developing heart and circulatory diseases?”

    What we found led us to take a fresh approach framed around a clearly defined patient pathway that responds to different patient needs at different points in time.

    Amy’s blog for PIF describes the processes in more detail.

    By taking a patient-first approach and listening to what our audience want and need from the BHF, we have reduced page counts and changed the formats of our print resources, which has seen our unit costs go down by a staggering 86%. To date, the new approach has reduced our overall reprint cost by 59% and, most importantly, has been hugely well-received by patients and health care professionals alike.

    You can read Amy’s full blog here: https://www.pifonline.org.uk/blog/getting-health-information-right-impacts-health-outcomes/