• 12Oct

    Blog: Empowering people through better health information

    Blog: Empowering people through better health information - Patient Information Forum Without support from clear, accessible, relevant and reliable health information, it is virtually impossible for patients to understand, be involved in, and make informed decision about their health, wellbeing, treatment and care.

    Yet, despite acceptance in the health and care community about the importance of access to information, there still exists substantial variation in the quality and consistency of information available to patients.

    Over the last year PIF has held a series of conversations with people living with long-term conditions, to understand their experiences of being provided with health information, and what opportunities exist to improve how information can support and empower them.

    From our conversations we have identified six key points:

    1. Information on first diagnosis is essential

    2. Information on first diagnosis can also be overwhelming

    3. Information needs change as people move along the pathway

    4. There are certain, shared points along each patient pathway where information is essential

    5. It’s obvious, but information must be tailored to the needs of the individual

    6. Being supported to ask questions is vital

    Find out more about each of these via the PIF blog here:

    You can read more about our ‘Perfect Patient Information Journey Project’ here.