• 23May

    Benefits of public involvement in health research highlighted in new book

    A new book from INVOLVE has been published looking at how and why National Health Institute for Health Research (NIHR) investigators involve patients and public in their work.

    The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Senior Investigators (SIs) constitute a network of approximately 200 pre-eminent researchers who represent the country’s most outstanding leaders of clinical and applied health and social care research.

    In a new publication, NIHR Senior Investigators: Leaders for public involvement in research, five SIs give an account of how and why they involve patients and the public in their work.

    Many themes emerge from their descriptions of public involvement including:

    • the sense of common purpose that develops between researchers, patients and the public
    • how this partnership can remove barriers to research – contrary to many people’s expectations
    • and the benefits to research in having public champions that can speak from their own experience of being involved.

    Each of the senior investigators highlighted in this publication, convey powerful messages on the impact that public involvement has had on their work and the difference it has made.

    The resource can be read here.