• 24Jan

    Asthma UK report shares how patients are using technology

    Asthma affects the lives of 5.4 million people across the UK. Every year, Asthma UK run an Annual Survey to find out about patient experiences of living with asthma and the quality of care they receive.

    In the 2017 edition of the Annual Survey, they found that two thirds of people are still not receiving basic care for their asthma, and that there are differing levels of care across the UK.

    This year’s report included new questions on the use of technology, and over half of respondents (55.6%, 4235 of 7611) used some form of health technology:

    • 7.1% accessed electronic health records
    • 27.2% booked a GP appointment online
    • 1.8% spoke to a GP via email or Skype
    • 24.8% used a wearable device
    • 8.3% used an Asthma specific smartphone/tablet app
    • 27.1% used general health smartphone/tablet app

    72.4% (1356 of 1873) of those using wearable devices and 45.1% (923 of 2048) of those using general health apps used them daily, indicating they are part of day-to-day health management for a large number of people with asthma.

    However, the report highlights that the two most frequent usage levels selected for the asthma app are ‘Once’ (19.9%, 122 of 613) and ‘Daily’ (18.9%, 116 of 613). This indicates that people using an asthma app have either found it useful and built using it into their daily asthma routine, or downloaded it, used it once and found it has not met their needs.

    Asthma UK think digital health technology has a significant role to play in stopping asthma attacks and curing asthma. They are working to make sure new asthma care technology (such as smart inhalers) have the patient at the heart of their design.

    You can find more information about the 2017 Annual Report on the Asthma UK website.