• 12Jun

    Ask for the evidence behind fertility claims

    The Ask for Evidence initiative, from Sense about Science, is examining fertility claims later this month.

    Superfoods to boost your chances of conceiving, relaxation CDs, home-made energy bars to ward off infertility, exercise regimes to boost your sperm count and even fertility astrologers. Fertility is a global industry and there are hundreds of claims out there. It can be hard to know if these claims are based on evidence or not.

    Having problems conceiving and going through fertility treatment can be a long, stressful experience with no guarantee of a happy ending. After a while without success, couples might be willing to try anything.

    Having worked with neurological disease charities to help patients make sense of claims and cures for chronic diseases, Ask for Evidence understands the emotional cost of chasing false hope and the dangers of promoting claims and cures that aren’t backed up by evidence.

    Ask for Evidence are teaming up with Mumsnet, Progress Educational Trust and the British Fertility Society to help people ask for evidence behind fertility claims. If you’ve seen claims for products, diets or policies about fertility then send your questions by email or add them directly to the Mumsnet Q&A discussion. Ask for Evidence will put your questions to scientists on Monday 23rd June.