• 18Sep

    Ask for Evidence launches Evidence Hunter pack

    An Evidence Hunter activity pack is hoping to empower young people by giving them the tools to ask, ‘What is the evidence behind this claim?’.

    It aims to develop the skills and confidence needed to critically assess claims online and reduce the spread of false information.

    The pack, aimed at Scouts, Guides and after-school clubs, is part of Sense About Science’s Ask for Evidence campaign which helps people request the evidence behind news stories, marketing claims and policies.

    By following the activities in the pack, participants will assess real claims made online, in the media or in advertising, and look at what evidence exists to support them.

    Examples range from claims about the benefits of products such as charcoal toothpaste and caffeine shampoo, to the impact of lifestyle choices such as the effect of social media use on sleep or whether helping others really does make you happier.

    You can download the activity pack here.