• 19Oct

    Article: GPs threaten to remove patients who visit ‘Dr Google’ first

    An article published in iNews, reports that GPs are threatening to remove patients from their practice lists if they have relied on ‘Dr Google’ to find out what is wrong with them before their appointment.

    People have been mocked, shouted at and left feeling intimidated for carrying out their own internet research by doctors who fear “a loss of power”.  Many are left dreading appointments for fear of their doctor’s response.

    The practice has become widespread enough for clinical leaders to educate GPs on how to not dismiss patients’ research so readily.

    Alison Richards, from the Royal College of GPs’ Patient and Carers Partnership Group, said there has been a rise in the number of “cyberchondriacs” in the UK. Ms Richards said the idea for a session she hosted at the RCGP annual conference in Liverpool, called “Patient information: what rubbish are you reading now?”, came from an increasing number of patients sharing negative experiences online.