• 2Oct

    Article from the winner of BMA Patient Information Award

    PiF member South London & Maudsley NHS Trust have shared an article they published on winning the BMA Patient Information Award for Resource of the Year and Self Care Resource. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project from all of us at PiF!


    South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) picked up two awards at the British Medical Association 2014 Patient Information Awards this week.

    SLaM won both the special award for self-care resources and the overall award (Resource of the Year) for its Physical health and wellbeing handbook for service users and carers.

    The handbook aims to improve the uptake of physical health checks on inpatient units by informing service users and carers about the physical health risks associated with mental health problems, as well as outlining the steps they can take to improve their health by becoming more involved in the physical health care.

    Catherine Macadam, chair of the BMA’s Patient Liaison Group, praised ‘the clarity of the information presented and the beautiful use of colour, particularly from the users’ artwork, which make this an exceptional resource’.

    SLaM’s Dr Deborah Robson was commissioned to lead focus groups with Commissioning for quality and innovation (CQUIN) funding and, as lead author, led a small working group of the Trust Physical Healthcare Committee. Service user involvement was crucial in developing patient information and a number of service users including Annie Jordan and Jacqueline Best-Vassell were involved, who also produced artwork. Annie is in the process of completing an easy read version for people with learning disabilities and poor sight, with a credit card size pocket tool is also in development.

    Roslyn Byfield, Patient Information Manager at SLaM said:
    ‘Only five of the 30 shortlisted entries were from hospital trusts, the rest being from the charitable sector. This shows how well regarded the handbook is.

    ‘It’s wonderful news and a tribute to all who contributed that SLaM has won this major award. It’s also very fitting that the physical health of mental health service users is now such a key issue of professional and patient interest and engagement.’

    Former deputy director of nursing at SLaM Natalie Warman said:

    ‘The intention was to have the service user voice articulated throughout the booklet as well as their involvement all the way through from establishing content to the final product, and it was a very proud moment to have this recognised by the BMA reviewers.

    ‘I hope that other service users, carers and staff find it a valuable resource that enables them to make healthy choices.’

    Anne Middleton, Assistant Director of Nursing at SLaM said:

    ‘The physical health screening in mental health inpatient settings booklet forms part of our local response to improving the health of both our service users and their carers. It has been really enjoyable to develop and see it come to fruition working with a great team of staff and service users.’