• 12Jun

    Anthony Nolan publishes pathway for post-transplant care

    Anthony Nolan has published a new pathway to ensure every patient gets the support they need after a stem-cell transplant for as long as necessary and no matter where they live.

    Despite international consensus around the importance of long-term follow-up, evidence shows there is substantial variation in the provision of post-transplant care across the UK. As a result, patients do not have equal access to treatment, care and support.

    Anthony Nolan believes this is unacceptable in itself, but even more so considering the potential impact on patient outcomes and experience, and the pressure poorly-managed late-effects can put on healthcare providers.

    The pathway consists of five main building blocks: throughout recovery, preparation for transplant, early post-transplant care, ongoing prevention and monitoring, and additional treatment and support. For each building block it describes the services and support packages central to patient recovery.