• 11Sep

    And the winner is…Review of the 2015 BMA Patient Information Awards

    The BMA 2015 Patient Information Awards took place on Monday 7 September, and PiF’s Nicole Naylor and Wayne Middleton both attended.

    The awards celebrate and encourage excellence in the production and dissemination of accessible, well-designed and clinically balanced patient information. This year the awards received 165 entries.

    End of Life Guide coverThe overall winner of the BMA Patient Information Resource of the Year 2015 was the Motor Neurone Disease Association for their resource ‘End of Life: a Guide for People with Motor Neurone Disease’.

    The resource aims to bring together information about complex end of life decisions in a single, easily accessible resource.

    It was reviewed by Juliet Brown, from SIGN in Glasgow, who said:

    ‘This is a huge resource and considerable effort and expertise has gone into providing an exceptional resource — it cover a sensitive topic and is clear and consistent throughout. It also makes very good use of patients’ viewpoints.

    A wide range of expertise is listed which is really good and very reflective of the whole delivery of care system. Considerable evidence base explored and then users widely and sensitively consulted.  It includes an extensive list on main subject as well as associated subjects — this is exceptional.

    It includes a range of methods for dissemination, there is a print run of wallet type format that allows for material to be customised and tailored to individuals as well as online methods, copies are free to people who need resource and considerable attention has been paid to patients’, carers’ and professionals’ needs.

    Considerable thought has gone into what type of feedback they can use — either the readability etc. or the type of information they can then incorporate into their resource with examples given in the submission.

    I think it is superb.’

    The resource is featured as a case study on the PiF Toolkit and you can find out more about how it was created here.

    PiF presented the special award for innovation, which was won by CLIC Sargent for ‘Cancer and school life’, and innovative guidance pack to help teachers support children with cancer.

    Presenter of the award, Wayne Middleton, said:

    ‘This is a superb example of meeting an unmet need for schools. It was very well designed and evaluated.’

    It was reviewed by Dr Hannah R Bridges, Health Content Specialist at HB Health Comms:

    ‘I love this resource and believe it demonstrates best practice in information production and shows real ambition and a desire to help.’

    Innovation awardThe other winners from the day can be found on the BMA website here, and they include PiF member Dr Hannah Bridges as BMA Patient Information Reviewer of Year.

    ​The ceremony ended with a speech by BMA President, Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green Kt. He spoke about being on the receiving end of treatment and as a patient himself not receiving very good information. He commended people to produce information for children and young people not only for them but to help them deal with a parent or grand parent’s illness.

    He asked the question, does information produce harm? An interesting point and a question we should surely all ask when reviewing the information we produce. He said all information professionals were winners: we take information and make it simple for people to use.

    Photos and more information about the Awards and ceremony can be found here.