• 14Mar

    ‘Always Events’ Getting Started Kit

    A starter kit has been launched by the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to promote and support healthcare organisations to implement the Always Events initiative.

    Always Events® are defined as ‘those aspects of the patient and family experience that should always occur when patients interact with healthcare professionals and the delivery system’. They are so important to patients and families that health care providers must perform them consistently for every patient, every time.

    IHI created the Always Events Getting Started Kit to help providers at the front lines of care understand what an Always Event is, how to select a set of practices for an Always Event initiative, and the steps for implementing the initiative.

    The Kit includes two case studies of organisations that have successfully implemented an Always Event initiative, as well as practical guidance for how to implement the four foundational elements of an Always Event: leadership, patient and family partnership, staff engagement, and measurement.

    Always Events is an approach used by organisations across the NHS and features in the Commission on Dignity in Care for Older People report ‘Delivering Dignity

    The toolkit can be downloaded from: http://www.ihi.org/resources/Pages/Tools/AlwaysEventsGettingStartedKit.aspx