• 15Feb

    Actions for accelerating adoption of person centred care

    The People and Communities Board have published a report on high impact actions for accelerating the adoption of person and community-centred approaches to health and care.

    This project has arisen from the board’s work to champion and support the delivery of Chapter 2 of NHS England’s Five Year Forward View. Chapter 2 sets out the vision of a health and care system which fully engages people in their health, care and wellbeing, including by working in partnership with communities and the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.

    The report ‘A new relationship with people and communities’ outlines six high impact actions and related recommendations, supported by evidence and illustrated by examples.

    The actions address key pinch points in the NHS, where substantial progress can be made in the next 12 months, and where the actions can build energy around the broader agenda of changing the culture of healthcare.

    The actions are:

    • Make person-centred, community-focussed approaches part of normal business
    • Make a clear commitment to develop new, simplified, cross-sector outcome measures
    • Support a small number of super demonstrator sites willing to develop person- and community-centred approaches at scale.
    • Clarify the key success factors for social prescribing.
    • Revive and champion the Inclusion Health Agenda
    • Commission under a framework agreement a pool of preferred VCSE partners able to support person-centred, community-focussed interventions in defined geographical areas.

    The annex  to the report – ‘Voluntary sector proposals’ – highlights approaches or interventions developed in the VCSE sector, which have been tested and evaluated and which have the potential for wider adoption.

    You can read the report and annex on the National Voices website.