Our Vision, Mission and Aims

Doctor and patients looking at information togetherThe Patient Information Forum is committed to helping organisations and individuals create high quality, relevant, evidence-based and accessible information for patients and the public.

Our Vision

Everyone can access relevant, high-quality information and support to help them understand their care, and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing choices.

Our Mission

To improve the experience of healthcare for patients and the public by supporting professionals to deliver high-quality information and support.

Our Aims

We raise standards

PiF is one of the standard setters for the UK’s consumer health information industry; bringing professionals together, sharing best practice and highlighting research and evidence. We achieve this through our membership, the services we provide and by forming alliances with other relevant organisations. In 2013, PiF began developing national standards for consumer health information production, dissemination and evaluation.

PiF’s guides, events and newsletters keep members abreast of recent developments in news, research and policy. We provide key resources, articles and tools that give our members the means with which to do their jobs. Read more about our membership services and how to become a member here.

PiF also works closely with other organisations, such as the Department of Health, BMA and the Information Standard, regularly contributing and giving guidance through steering and advisory committees.

We spread good practice

We provide opportunities for our members to discuss the key issues, find solutions, share their expertise and support each other.

We also act as a catalyst for project partnerships between organisations across the public, voluntary and private sectors, ensuring that we work together to raise standards collectively.

We provide a powerful voice for health information professionals

There have been many significant policy changes in recent times that have changed the landscape of consumer health information and, as the largest and most established network of consumer health information professionals, our lobbying power has helped to shape these policies.

Looking to the future, we continue to press for positive change by responding to policy consultations, working collaboratively with other networks on their research and events and through partnerships with private, NHS, voluntary and academic organisations. Read more about our current and previous projects.