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Freelance Writer, Editor and Project Manager

I’m a freelance writer and editor specialising in life sciences, health and illness. I have a degree in biochemistry and over 20 years’ experience working for publishers, charities, drugs companies and communications agencies. I am based in Brighton (where I am attempting to raise three sons).

I have found that when I am ill myself, or when someone I care about is ill, any knowledge that I have gained over the years can go out of the window. My emotions, fears, hopes and so on can dominate my thinking just as much or even more than any facts, data and expert opinion I might come across in the big wide world of patient information.

The need for clear, relevant, empathetic, reliable, high-quality information about health and illness, that is easy to access, can only increase as we are invited to take a greater part in decision making about our own care. I am committed to trying my best to help and working with the other members of PIF, both locally and nationally, is a great way to go about doing that.