Katrina Glaister’s profile

Katrina trained as a nurse in London where she worked for some years before moving to Salisbury 24 years ago.

Her interest in patient information was raised when she was a research ethics committee member and realised how important getting this part of the process was to the success of the project, both in terms of gaining ethical approval and ensuring successful recruitment to research projects.

At Salisbury hospital Katrina works for the Quality Directorate where she raised the profile of patient information throughout the Trust, devising a rigorous quality assurance process for patient information. The trust was one of the first acute trusts to be accredited under the Information Standard.

Katrina has worked for a number of years with a group of adults with learning difficulties, helping them write accessible information.

Katrina is very keen for clinicians to involve their patients in the writing of patient information so that the information produced answers the questions that the patients have, rather than answering the questions that clinicians think that patients have.