Kate Betteridge’s profile


Kate Betteridge has over 20 years’ experience working with people with long-term conditions to help empower them to make informed choices about their health and lifestyle.

She has extensive experience of involving service users in the development of information and other resources designed to promote and support self-management. She works on an independent basis to improve outcomes for people living with long-term conditions by providing insight and advice on the patient perspective across the public, private and voluntary sectors. Previously, Kate spent many years working as head of information at Arthritis Care, the UK’s largest charity representing people with any form of musculoskeletal condition.

Kate acts as a patient and carer representative with NHS Improving Quality’s 7 Day Services team, recently accompanying them on Early Adopter site visits. She was a member of the Enhanced Recovery Patient Experience Working Group, whose work includes the development of a leaflet to help patients prepare for surgery.

She is significantly affected by rheumatoid arthritis which she has lived with since a teenager.