• 18Sep

    A guide to service user involvement: drug & alcohol treatment programmes

    Public Health England have published a report on service user involvement in drug and alcohol treatment programmes.

    It is designed to help commissioners, service providers and service users explore and develop service user involvement in their area. It also includes a series of ‘inspirational’ case studies outlining how different organisations have approached service user involvement.

    The discussions and case studies have relevance to wider areas of health and social care. Four different levels of service user involvement are described:

    • Involvement in their own care or treatment plan
    • Involvement in strategic development and commissioning
    • Developing and delivering peer mentoring and support
    • Developing and delivering user-led, recovery-focused enterprises

    The guide includes checklists to support the development of SUI at each level. The training and support needs of service users and other staff are discussed. Descriptions of user-focused services are included, illustrating how SUI is now seen as an opportunity and a resource to strengthen the recovery process, for individuals and communities.

    You can access the guide here.